Door To Door Sales Training | The Number One Thing To Improve Door To Door Sales Success

Published: 10th February 2011
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Here is a simple thing you can do that costs nothing but that I guarantee will increase your door to door sales dramatically. The simple thing you can do is to keep track of a few simple numbers. You see, one of the biggest problems in door to door sales is making decisions based on feelings, not numbers. Acquiring actual numbers also makes most of us dread rejection less since the level of rejection we actually experience is usually a lot less that it feels like at the end of the day.

Here are the statistics we advise you keep track of daily. Write them down and be guessing.

Hours worked

Write down the time you started and the time you stopped. This will tell you which hours and days are most effective for you. Then, you can increase your efficiency by working the hours that produce the best results. You may be surprised to see you knock far fewer hours than you think.

Number Of Doors Knocked

Write down how many doors you actually knocked. This statistic is often surprising as we often think we knocked on far more doors that we actually did.

Number Of Doors Opened

Write down the number of doors people came to the door and opened the door. If this number is low, it could mean you are knocking at the wrong times or it could mean you do not give the right impression at the door. You may want to wear large picture ID or better identification. It could also mean that you are knocking when most people are not home. Keeping track of this number will let you make adjustments until you increase your success rate in this area.

Who Did You Contact?

Many good door to door sales people want to be sure they have talked to everyone in a specific neighborhood before they move on. Some neighborhoods are very valuable and produce great results, so they don’t want to move on and leave good prospects uncontacted. Many list the house numbers and mark the ones they have contacted. Then, they can return to the same neighborhood and only knock on doors that were unavailable on their last visits. This squeezes every possible sale from a good neighborhood.

Number Of Two Sentence Pitches

Record the number of times people answered the door and allowed you to get a few sentences out before they said they weren’t interested. This statistic tells you how effective your opening is. Usual success rates are about 10%.

Number Of Full Pitches

Record the number of people who let you do your full presentation or demonstration.

Number Of Closes

Keep track of how many people bought what you are selling, signed the paperwork and paid or gave a deposit. This is your closing rate. Most industries average about 33% or 3 out of 10. If you rate is higher, congratulations. If it is lower, you need to work on closing and overcoming objections.

Objections Not Resolved

Keep track of the objections you cannot overcome. You will need to devise, practice and rehearse ways of overcoming these the next time they arise.

Keeping track of your actual numbers allows you to work on areas that need improvement. It makes you feel better about what you have accomplished and it takes sales from the world of “lucky” into the world of “science”. 716-580-3384 Get free video samples of our door to door sales training that is guaranteed to increase your door to door sales or they are free. If you sell door to door, you need this specialized door to door sales training featuring Carl Davidson.

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